I Am: A Security Consultant

Knowing how to efficiently and effectively secure a building is fundamental to the role of any security consultant. Understanding the factors that affect security and how to address them is a constant challenge. The Security Continuum allows you pair the right technology with the needs of each opening to minimize risk.

How can I utilize access control to minimize risk in my clients’ facilities?

Minimizing risk while increasing effectiveness is the goal of any access control system. The consultative electronic access control experts at ASSA ABLOY are here to help you find the best security option for your clients.

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How will these access control solutions interact with my clients’ existing IT and/or security systems and policies?

Finding a solution that is not only secure but also seamlessly integrates with existing IT and/or security systems and policies is a challenge. With help from the electronic access control experts at ASSA ABLOY, you will find a solution that meets your needs.

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How can I create an access control standard that my clients can easily deploy and will scale with their evolving requirements?

The consultative experts at ASSA ABLOY are equipped to provide you with hands-on assistance and expertise when it comes to finding an intelligent access control solution that is effective, easy to deploy and meet your specific facility’s needs.

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