NORTON Offersthe 6900 Series Low Energy Power Door Operator


MONROE, NC March 28, 2012 – Norton Door Controls, (, the leading manufacturer of commercial door closers and an ASSA ABLOY Group company, offers its 6900 Series “low energy” power door operator, designed to easily and automatically open and close doors with a lower
energy opening force.

The 6900 Series is easy to set up and adjust, using push-button settings for door-open and door-close positions. With handed units, push- or pull-side mounting, and easy integration with access control systems, the 6900 can be used in almost any application.

From a safety standpoint, the 6900 Series offers multiple benefits. It operates as a mechanical surface closer when the power is off to ensure that the door is positively latched, a critical feature for fire-rated doors. It also coordinates with smoke evacuation “blow-open” requirements for additional fire protection. The 6900 also reduces safety issues by detecting obstructions in the doorway during both opening and closing cycles.

ANSI/BHMA A156.19 certified, the 6900 fully complies with ADA requirements as well as the UL 10C positive pressure fire test. In addition to wall switches, the following options are available to operate the door: presence detectors, radio frequency devices, and “push and go.” Another key feature includes power assist which, when activated, allows the door to be manually opened with a force of less than 5 lbs.

The 6900 is an ideal solution for moderate- to high-traffic applications, including executive offices, ADA dorm rooms, ADA hotels, retirement homes, educational or assisted living facilities, office/warehouse corridor doors, fire doors, and more.

About Norton Door Controls
NORTON has been the leading manufacturer of commercial door closers since the device was invented by the company founder in 1880. NORTON products are used in schools, hospitals and other commercial applications throughout the globe. NORTON offers traditional surface, overhead concealed, security, commercial, architectural and electrified closers. To complement the closers, NORTON also offers a unique range of arms to help provide maximum door and frame protection. Visit

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