Medeco K100 Aperio Electronic Cabinet Lock Now Available

The Medeco K100 Aperio Cabinet Lock, a keyless electronic lock that provides extremely robust access prevention in hospitals, healthcare facilities, schools, businesses and other critical applications is now available. An easy, cost-effective way to extend electronic access control systems onto cabinets and lockers to provide loss and liability control, The Medeco K100 is the latest addition to the Aperio wireless door locking system, a complete electronic system that eliminates the use of keys and allows entry only to individuals who have authorized access cards or wireless codes

The Medeco K100 can be installed in a cabinet or drawer and opened only with the proper access cards or code from a wireless remote or device such as a smartphone or laptop. It is available with either HID iClass or Prox card technologies.

The Medeco K100 will monitor the cabinet/drawer position and latch/locked condition and send the information back to the central monitoring station. A switch in the knob will turn off the lock to save battery power if it is held in the open position and will also flash a red light, sending a notification to the electronic access control system.

“The K100 expands the usefulness of our Aperio electronic access control system by adding a much higher level of security to the cabinet doors that might previously of only had simple lock-and-key protection-or none at all,” said Joseph Kingma, Director of Business Development for Medeco High Security Locks. “We are now providing a cost-effective way to protect medical materials, corporate documents and other sensitive materials and tie it together into a central monitoring and control system.”

Should the internal battery fail, the K100 offers a mechanical key override option (depending on the lock’s orientation) and a battery jump override that enables the lock to be opened via an external battery.

The Medeco Aperio electronic locking system employs locks such as the K100 (and a variety of other types) that communicate via an Aperio wireless access control panel located near the lock. The Aperio access panel is connected to the facility’s electronic access control and monitoring system. All the locks including the K100 are designed for easy integration with most electronic access control units and systems.

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