ABLOY Showcases Super Weather Proof SWP Padlocks

At ASIS 2012, ABLOY is exhibiting its Super Weather Proof (SWP) padlocks, a range of super-tough locks that can withstand the most severe weather conditions and environmental extremes.

SWP padlocks are available in two styles: mechanical locks and electromechanical locks that incorporate ABLOY’s CLIQ™ programmable electronic locking technologies for the added security of electronic access control.


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Mul-T-Lock Showcases WatchLock

The WatchLock solution combines a High Security padlock, GPS locating system and SIM card based communication technology to provide a real-time event and location monitoring system through email, text or web application. The padlock is the ideal solution for difficult to secure locations which don’t allow for easy physical inspection of a lock.

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