Severe Weather Conditions? Tough Environments?

Not A Problem for ABLOY Super Weather Proof SWP Padlocks

PHILADELPHIA, PA, September 10, 2012 — At ASIS 2012, ABLOY is exhibiting its Super Weather Proof (SWP) padlocks, a range of super-tough locks that can withstand the most severe weather conditions and environmental extremes.

“The demands placed on locks that have to withstand harsh conditions are extreme, and most locks simply can’t function for very long in such environments,” said Corbin Anderson, National Sales Manager, ABLOY Security. “Our Super Weather Proof locks, on the other hand, can take long-term punishment and will work reliably even if subjected to storm-driven salt water, pounded by desert sand or exposed to bitter frost or blistering heat. They’re as dependable a lock as you can get.”

SWP padlocks are available in two styles: mechanical locks and electromechanical locks that incorporate ABLOY’s CLIQ™ programmable electronic locking technologies for the added security of electronic access control.

SWP padlocks are available with two levels of protection – with and without a weather seal cap. The cap seals the shackle and protects the keyway and cylinder against the ingress of dust and water. ABLOY Super Weather Proof locks with caps have an IP 68 rating, indicating a hermetic seal. SWP CLIQ models are the only electronic padlocks that have an IP 57 environmental rating; they can be completely submerged in water and will still operate.

SWP CLIQ electromechanical padlocks give users the ability to monitor and control all lock openings and closings. They also enable auditing of when the lock was opened and closed and allow access rights to be updated via an electronic access control system.

Super Weather Proof padlocks are manufactured in Finland from the finest materials including case hardened boron-steel shackles. Their exceptional physical strength provides extremely effective protection against forcing, picking and vandalism, and the locks have passed demanding corrosion-resistance tests.

ABLOY Super Weather Proof CLIQ and mechanical padlocks are currently available in a variety of sizes, styles and protection Grades 4, 5, and 6 to meet requirements up to BS EN12320 Grade 6 and SSFN 014 Grade 5.

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