ASSA ABLOY Introduces Hi-O™ Technology

Bringing Network Intelligence to the Door

August 29, 2008 — ASSA ABLOY introduces Hi-OTM (Highly Intelligent Opening) technology, a new concept for electronic door solutions that simplifies installation, service and upgrade off a building’s security and life-safety system.

Hi-O connects electronic door components together over a CAN (Controller Area Network) data network, allowing them to communicate and monitor the health of the opening. CAN technology is a standard used for many years in the car industry. Hi-O enables connected devices to exchange and share encrypted information. Every device (the lock, exit device, electric strike, proximity reader, door operator, push button, etc.) is connected through a 4-wire cable; two wires for power and two for data communication. The devices can be connected to the network even when powered up – “Hot Plugging”.


With Hi-O, intelligence is built into each device instead of one centralized logic unit, creating a plug-and-play system. A Hi-O device will work with its basic configuration as soon as it gets connected – just as when a USB device is plugged into a computer. The communication between the devices is encrypted in order to prevent intrusion.

The advantages with a Hi-O system are many:

  • To the installer Hi-O means fewer wires to keep track of, faster connecting of components and immediate configuration.
  • Maintenance becomes predictive rather than reactive and troubleshooting is simplified due to the built-in diagnostics. A faulty device will alert the network. Standardisxed wiring and plug-and-play technology makes changing devices easy.
  • Expansion of the Hi-O door system is simplified because all new devices will automatically identify themselves on the network.
  • For the building owner, there’s the lower cost of ownership for the life of the opening.

Hi-O technology is available on products from BESAM, CORBIN RUSSWIN, HES, HID, NORTON, SARGENT, SECURITRON, and YALE.