From patented key systems to full-features, online integrated locksets, ASSA ABLOY offers access control solutions tailored to the unique locking needs of each opening. Work with an Intelligent Openings consultative expert to help find the best possible product or solution to your security challenges.

The Intelligent Openings Security Continuum

From mechanical keys to intelligent openings, this array of technologies known as the Security Continuum, pairs the appropriate locking technology to the specific requirements and risks of each opening.

Mechanical Credentials

Mechanical key systems from ASSA ABLOY Group brands are continuously being upgraded to meet new security and access control challenges that may confront the market. We offer different protection options to further enhance key systems. These include patented options against unauthorized key duplication, picking, drilling or other types of physical attacks.

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Keypad Access Control

Keypad locks offer basic access control capabilities. Typically programmed by visiting the door, these locks provide security using keypad only. Keypad locks come in a variety of forms, including the Yale nexTouch lock, which has a digital touch screen similar to a smartphone. Programming and day-to-day use of nexTouch is simplified with an interactive, voice-guided system.

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Offline Access Control

Offline locksets are battery-operated, stand-alone units, requiring no wiring from locks to CPU. Offline locks offer an economical solution for customized access control without the cost and complexity of a networked system.

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Intelligent Keys

Intelligent Key Systems incorporate sophisticated features into retrofit cylinders to upgrade the security of existing hardware to include powerful scheduling and accountability. Intelligent keys can be programmed to expire based on security needs, and access can be updated through remote or mobile programmers, or directly through the key using a BLE-enabled mobile device. They can be used in nearly any application and provide an extremely cost-effective solution to enhance security and accountability.

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Data-on-Card Access Control

Data-on-card technology provides flexible security by using a credential to transmit system data between offline devices and online management systems. Used in the Yale Multi-Family Solution, data-on-card technology offers an easy, cost-effective solution for managing access.

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Wireless Access Control

ASSA ABLOY offers two different wireless technologies, allowing you to get the most value out of your existing systems and secure more openings in your facility. Depending on the specific needs of each opening, you can leverage your existing security infrastructure (panel-based system) or your existing IT infrastructure (WiFi network).

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Online Access Control

ASSA ABLOY Group brands offer a full range of online solutions that are connected full-time to your access control system. From access control components used for traditional deployments to Integrated Wiegand and Power over Ethernet (PoE) locks, we have solutions that will work for the specific needs of each opening.

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Hi-O Technology

The highly intelligent opening represents the apex of the Security Continuum. It consists of ASSA ABLOY solutions working in concert to monitor, record, and communicate diagnostic and performance data at the opening. The analysis of this data can be used to optimize management of the opening while enabling services such as asset management, predictive performance modeling, maintenance planning, and sustainability monitoring.

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