Hi-O Technology

The highly intelligent opening represents the apex of the Security Continuum. It consists of ASSA ABLOY solutions working in concert to monitor, record, and communicate diagnostic and performance data at the opening. The analysis of this data can be used to optimize management of the opening while enabling services such as asset management, predictive performance modeling, maintenance planning, and sustainability monitoring.

Hi-O Technology: The Revolution

With Hi-O, all electromechanical door devices have embedded intelligence for sharing of encrypted information. Each device communicates its status and capabilities to the other devices, so the opening operates efficiently at all times.

Hi-O sets an industry standard for doorway control. Consider these facts about Hi-O:

  • Installations are faster and require virtually no troubleshooting
  • Access control and door monitoring information pinpoint what’s happening at the opening
  • Components detect tampering and operate accordingly to preserve security and functionality
  • Maintenance becomes predictive instead of reactive

The Highly Intelligent Opening will offer benefits such as:

  • Increased security and system performance
  • Reduced costs and time for installation services
  • Reduced costs and time for maintenance services
  • Enhanced customer service levels
  • Easier planning and management enabled by access to performance and usage data

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