Keypad Access

Keypad locks offer basic access control capabilities. Typically programmed by visiting the door, these locks provide security using keypad only.

Keypad locks come in a variety of forms, including the Yale nexTouch lock, which has a digital touch screen similar to a smartphone. Programming and day-to-day use of nexTouch is simplified with an interactive, voice-guided system.

Securitron also offers digital keypads to work with any electronic lock. Offering easy installation in a wide range of indoor and outdoor environments, Securitron digital keypads are weather resistant and tamper proof. This provides a scalable, flexible solution that allows users to manage locks locally, and add and remove users without issuing keys.

Offline Locksets

Offline locksets are battery-operated, stand-alone units, requiring no wiring from locks to the central processing unit. Offline locks offer an economical solution for customized access control without the cost and complexity of a networked system.

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