How to Streamline Access Control Deployments

Whether it is new construction or updates to an existing facility, building schedules are absolutely critical. Losing time on any aspect of the project can wreak havoc on the rest of the timeline, adding costs and inconvenience for everyone involved.

To help ensure the easiest deployments possible, ASSA ABLOY has developed a national network of Preferred Installers — Intertek certified hardware installers who are highly skilled in providing physical installation of its integrated electronic locking devices.

Building on decades of experience in the higher education market, we have found that when installation experts are dispatched to a job site, deployments go much more smoothly. Installations are completed faster, site issues are drastically reduced, and there are far fewer warranty claims and support calls. It is truly a win-win for all involved.

Preferred Installers (PIs) have made a business of specializing in lock installations as a service. They’ve invested in door prep jigs and tools for high productivity and precision. That, plus their years of experience, enable them to install one of our locks on a typical door in about 20 minutes or less. And it’s done perfectly. Every time!

Regardless of your role in the project, you will likely find a reason to benefit from the Preferred Installer program. Here’s how…

Certified Integrators: With record unemployment, recruiting and retaining talented technicians is a challenge at virtually every integration house. In fact, many only staff for project management services, software installation, and system commissioning, and outsource non-critical functions like wire pulling and hardware installation. Others staff all functions, but only with enough personnel to support routine business and resort to subcontractors to bolster their team during spikes in business like summer break for school work. Our factory-trained PI network of lock installation technicians can appeal to both of these scenarios.

General Contractors: Two critical factors for GC’s are budget and deadlines. By providing fast and precise workmanship, PI’s can help achieve both objectives for them. But when schedule delays begin to cascade due to weather, labor conflicts, scope creep, the PI network can be even more critical as we have the ability to dispatch technicians from across the country to work through a backlog and meet critical milestones such as Certificate of Occupancy dates. Lastly, all of our Preferred Installer technicians are Intertek certified and able to provide supplemental labels to fire-rated wood doors.

End Users: Last, but not least, is the owner. They can have peace of mind knowing that each of our PI technicians have experience with the integrated lock that is going on their door. That’s right. During the week-long PI boot camp that they all attend, PI candidates get their hands on virtually every iteration of integrated lock that we offer, including: Corbin Russwin, SARGENT, and Yale brands; mortise, cylindrical, and exits; Integrated Wiegand, Aperio, WiFi, PoE, Accentra, and even Norton power operators. Lastly, when installation services are contracted through ASSA ABLOY, we provide an additional year of warranty for those locks that are installed by our PI’s.

Preferred Installers go through a rigorous, four day hands-on training course given by ASSA ABLOY instructors with years of real-world experience. Students who have taken the class have been very pleased with the quality of instruction.

“We have attended many a training class, and this is hands down the only class offered that is truly a hands-on course with an instructor that is more than qualified to teach,” said Chad Smith, Chief of Operations at ACME Security Solutions, LLC. “We had an amazing learning experience, and this is all owed to the instructor, who took this training above and beyond our expectations.”

ASSA ABLOY Preferred Installers are third-party certified by Intertek. This means the technicians are qualified to field prep Warnock Hersey labeled fire doors for the installation of specific ASSA ABLOY integrated locks and accessories while retaining the door’s fire resistance rating and compliance with NFPA 80. In addition, Intertek Qualified Personnel may apply supplemental serialized labels to doors they’ve prepped and after ASSA ABLOY hardware has been installed. This signifies to Authorities Having Jurisdiction and Fire Door Inspectors that the installation was completed in accordance with NFPA guidelines.

“The Intertek Qualified Personnel (IQP) ASSA ABLOY Hardware Installer program provides assurance that personnel conducting work in the field are fully qualified and that the work is done correctly each and every time,” said Justin Hendricks, Program Manager – Openings Building & Construction, Intertek. “Participation in the program is also crucial to maintaining the door’s Intertek fire resistance rating and subsequent compliance with NFPA 80 guidelines.”

Getting Started:

ASSA ABLOY Certified Integrators interested in using a Preferred Installer can simply log on to the Partner Area (link to Partner Area login page) of to find the Installation Services Quote Request form to begin the process.

Dedicated hardware installation professionals interested in joining the ASSA ABLOY Preferred Installer network, please contact Lester LaPierre (

Benefits to Systems Integrators:

Systems integrators, who often face staff shortages, can take advantage of this network of installers to maximize their efficiency. The ability to outsource this skill helps:

  • Improve productivity
  • Ensure a quality installation
  • Create a competitive advantage.

Benefits to End-Users:

  • Helps end-users meet their deadlines
  • Provides peace of mind with high-quality installations
  • Protects their investment with an extended warranty


Lester LaPierre
Director of Business Development, EAC
Door Security Solutions
ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions