What is BILT?

BILT is a revolutionary new way to assemble and install our electronic access products by removing the guess-work for a trouble-free installation. The BILT program features easy-to-navigate screens in a three-dimensional format. Zoom in, zoom out or rotate the image to see the installation from all angles! Find out everything you need to know about your installation before you head out to the job site.

Simplify the installation of these access control products with the BILT App!

- IN220 PoE Installation
- Aperio LED Indication Guide
Adams Rite
- EX88 Interlocking Rim Exit Device
- EX89 Pullman Rim Exit Device
- EX76 CVR Exit Device
Corbin Russwin
- IN100 Cylindrical Lock 
- IN100 Mortise Lock 
- IN100 Exit Device - Mortise / Rim Type 
- IN120 Cylindrical Lock 
- IN120 Mortise Lock 
- IN120 Exit Device - Mortise / Rim Type 
- IN220 Cylindrical Lock 
- 1500/1600 Series Electric Strikes
- KS200 Server Cabinet Lock
- M3 CLIQ Cylinder into a Protector II Padlock
- M3 CLIQ Key in Lever Cylinder Installation
- Maxum Deadbolt with Removable Thumbturn
- X4 CLIQ Cylinder on a Rim Exit Panic Device
- XT Mortise Cylinder Installation
- XT Small Format Interchangeable Core (SFIC)

- IN100 Cylindrical Lock

- IN100 Mortise Lock

- IN100 Exit Device - Mortise / Rim Type

- IN120 Cylindrical Lock

- IN120 Mortise Lock

- IN120 Exit Device - Mortise / Rim Exit

- M680E EcoMag Magnalock

Download the free BILT App from the Apple App Store or from Google Play.