OCC Series


Available in all lock finishes, the OCC Series offers another way of upgrading to RFID functionality, depending on style.

The OCC Series offers the latest Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology and the quickest path to go contactless if you currently have standard electronic locks installed.


  • Ideal for retrofitting or upgrading old magnetic stripe
  • Classic locks to a modern platform 
  • Mobile Access compatible RF
  • Online capability (wireless) RFID reader technology, no moving reader parts and less maintenance



  • Standalone electronic lock with RFID technology
  • Mobile Access (BLE*) functionality included in reader (optional)
  • Fire-listed for use on fire doors (UL, EN, BS)
  • High security mortise lock case available in ANSI, JPN, AUS and EURO versions
  • CE, FCC/IC approved
  • Solid steel levers with self-lubricating long life bearings
  • Only need to add the RFID reader by replacing the top end plug, a few minutes operation and no need to replace the lock case or handles 

RFID Specifications:

  • 13.56 MHz technology
  • Compatible with the following standards:
       - ISO 14.443A (MIFARE)
       - ISO 14.443B
       - ISO 15.693