Complete Access Management for Off-Campus Student Housing

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ASSA ABLOY has extended our expertise securing student housing to off-campus student housing. Our aim is to provide a safe, nurturing environment that lets students feel as comfortable as they do on campus in their off-campus apartment.

To do this we’ve created a complete access solution, designed specifically for off-campus student housing. Mobile Access, incorporating the Livvi app for iOS and Android, lets students use their mobile devices to access defined areas, safely and easily. The Visionline Access Management platform allows you to manage access to every door on one or multiple properties. All this is backed by our industry leading smart-locks, in styles to match any design aesthetic.

Download: Complete Door Opening Solutions for Off-Campus Student Housing

Access Management for Student Housing

Our Visionline Access Management System is a highly flexible communications system, that works with both offline and online doors. Online solutions can be created by combining wired Ethernet and wireless Zigbee locks to create the most efficient setup for your individual needs. For Visionline wired online, PoE (power over ethernet) can be used. Visionline has extensive reporting capabilities, allowing administrators to view many key data aspects, from low battery reports to full audit trail.

Visionline On-Premises Access Management System

    Visionline server
  • Flexible software system that works with both offline and online doors
  • Manage access to every door on one or multiple properties
  • Built on the Zigbee standard, a high-security open platform for wireless communication
  • Standard APIs for easy integration with other property systems, including garages and elevators
  • Eliminates need to manually encode keycards, cancel cards and check battery life
  • Provides greater security and control through advanced monitoring
  • increases efficiency and effectiveness of daily operations

Mobile Access

Mobile devices provide new ways to interact with our environment, simplifying transactions, while providing an opportunity to increase convenience and security. The new generation of students now expect their mobile devices to be the hub from which they experience both the digital and real world.

ASSA ABLOY mobile access for off-campus student housing offers easy access to their apartment and all the amenities, while providing leading security and encryption. Powered by Seos®, the first ever multi-platform ecosystem for issuing, delivering, and revoking digital keys, ASSA ABLOY Mobile Access allows students and staff to use their personal devices as keys, with minimal administrative involvement.

Our mobile access app, Livvi, has been designed to perfectly meet the needs of students.

Livvi Mobile Access App:

    Livvi phone app
  • Ecosystem for handling mobile keys
  • Simple and intuitive app
  • Includes cloud web portal for admin and a student app
  • Ready-to-use, off-the-shelf solution
  • Lock battery status reporting for efficient maintenance
  • Receive and handle service requests from students
  • Staff access defined across single or multiple sites
  • Customizable, for property’s branding and graphics
  • PMS integrations possible
  • Available in 11 languages

Electronic Locks

Our hardware lets you choose the solution that best reflects your design aesthetic, tailored to your budget and security requirements.


When design integrity is a top priority, there is a need for hardware that blends with the interior of a property, making it virtually invisible to the end-user. We offer a variety of accessories to complement our main products and add a perfect finish to your facility.

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