Wireless Access Control

Wireless Access Control

Wireless electronic access control solutions offer an excellent alternative or complement to both low-security non-networked solutions and wired electronic access control solutions for organizations of nearly all sizes and sectors. Whether in existing buildings or new construction, wireless solutions offer:

  • Potential savings in installation and operating costs
  • Minimized downtime and operational disruption
  • The ability to extend security to non-door openings and doors that would otherwise be too difficult or expensive to secure

Wireless locks are undoubtedly the easiest, most cost-effective way to bring access control deeper into a facility. Choose the wireless technology that works best for you – to maximize your existing infrastructure and secure more openings.

Due to their ease of use, sophistication, and customization, commercial wireless access control and building entry systems such as WiFi locks and solutions have become an integrated part of everyday life when it comes to maintaining the highest level of physical access security. 

Benefits of Wireless Access Control 

Wireless access control lock and entry systems offer a variety of benefits in regards to user access, improved security, control of foot traffic, and more. 

  • Highly Secure: Wireless access control systems require specific credentials via keycard or key fob to allow for building or door access.  This allows you to grant access for only necessary personnel while preventing unwanted entry.
  • Customizable: With wireless locks and access control systems, you have the ability to provide entry to specific employees, visitors, or personnel. This gives you complete control over who has access to certain areas of your facility.
  • Easy To Upgrade: If your facility currently has mechanical locks, our wireless locks and entry systems are easily retrofitted into existing doors.  
  • Mobile Access: With smartphones being the “control center” of our lives, our mobile access solutions are easily integrated to locking and entry systems.  Learn more about our mobile access control solutions.

Increase security quickly, easily and affordably with your choice of wireless technologies:

How do you optimize security while minimizing costs?

Today’s wireless access control solutions can offer most or all of the benefits of wired solutions, often at a fraction of the cost. This eBook offers a balanced introduction to the pros and cons of wireless electronic access control as a complement to wired systems.

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