Aperio Wireless Access Control Solutions

Add access control and audit capabilities to individual server cabinets.

Whether they support a single corporation or host equipment for thousands of clients, data centers are a critical element of almost any business today. Data center managers face the challenge of safeguarding against these setbacks without sacrificing budget or ease of access.

Aperio® wireless technology offers a fast, affordable way to add comprehensive access control and audit capabilities to your data center. Aperio leverages your existing access control systems to bring security deeper into the facility and to different applications – easily and affordably.

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Featured Product

The HES KS100-640H server cabinet lock and pre-paired Aperio  hub tie to an existing electronic access control system via Wiegand wiring. Using the wireless communication, this convenient system brings real-time access control in a single-card system to individual server cabinet doors, greatly improving the monitoring and security level of each server cabinet. It uses existing ID badges so there are no keys to control or replace and no codes to secure or remember.