Aperio Wireless Solutions

Add access control to every door and drawer without adding a big number to your budget.

A hospital’s first priority is patient health and safety. Aperio provides the freedom to focus on those goals, offering the accountability, convenience, and security needed to operate effectively and efficiently. This innovative solution allows you to manage many openings, protect employees, patients and visitors, ensure HIPAA compliance, and prevent drug and equipment theft.

Aperio™ wireless technology eliminates wiring to the lock for a fast, affordable way to add access control anywhere. Aperio leverages your existing access control systems to bring security deeper into the facility and to different applications – easily and affordably.

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Featured Product

The HES K100-622H wireless cabinet lock and Aperio hub tie to the electronic access system via Weigand wiring. It’s a convenient, real-time system that uses existing ID badges; there are no keys to control or replace and no codes to secure or remember. Local wireless communication eliminates the cost and inconvenience of running a wire to a cabinet, drawer or locker.