K-12 Security Solutions

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On the surface, a school’s mission seems quite clear – to teach, to nurture, to educate. But a safe and secure environment is just as important, and a necessity for children to learn.

Innovative access control solutions enable easy everyday access to classrooms and provide extra assurance in the event of an emergency. ASSA ABLOY offers opening solutions that address both the code requirements and student needs that drive facility design. The design of a doorway must address challenges such as classroom safety, fire control, tornado and hurricane protection, ADA compliance and facility hygiene. ASSA ABLOY helps school districts and educational organizations determine the condition and readiness of all facility doorways. Our field experts are ready to help. 

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We also offer a free SITE ASSESSMENT APP for iPad to conduct a review of your school doorways.

Understanding School Lockdown Strategies

Today’s schools are more than just a space for student education; they must also be safe and secure environments. Lockdown procedures are now a critical component of school safety plans, and must be carefully considered to ensure the safety of students and faculty.

Download our white paper to learn how you can address school security challenges and identify the most effective lockdown strategies.